Best Buy security guard fired after tackling suspect who allegedly punched officer

Yeah BB isn't the only store like this. Similar incident happened at my local Target... I was at CS at I saw 2 Target employees struggling with a "customer". Turns out he had 3-4 video games under his shirt. He struck one of the employees so I went over and he kept causing a struggle so I put him in a headlock on the ground and then the Target employee (not both but, the one that wasn't struck) kept insisting I let the guy go. It took forever for the cops to show but, I didn't ant the employees to get in trouble over it and plus, the shop-lifter dropped his phone and tried to retrieve it and I threw it cracking the screen. ultimately got tired of waiting for the cops so I let him go.

It does really suck when you try to do the right thing and this happened. I think 'what if'. What if the BB employee hadn't tackled him. What if after striking the officer a struggle ensued and a fight for the officer's g

un occurred.. We will never know since the BB employee stepped in and did the right thing..

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