Best class for both PVP and PVE overall between Hunter, Warlock, and Titan

A Warlock main here.

I don’t usually play PvP since it’s not my go to for fun unless playing solo and wanting to challenge myself on those rare occasions, so I’ll start there.

In PvP:

Problem I found competing against titans was their kit always had one eyed mask before. Now that’s died down a bit since I haven’t run into too many folks using it the passed month or so, I find that a titans no more annoying than going up against a hunter honestly. It’s just a matter of dealing with the issue with good gun play to stay out of the reach of their supers, positioning to better run from their weapons, and wise use of powers to deal with them if confronted with roaming supers. It’s why I save my super for those moments when they just go ham and get slammed by a nova warp, or blasted by chaos reach in return.

In PvE:

Oh boy. It comes down to flavor I think. From what I recall playing all three in PvE with friends, titans and warlocks get a wide variety of choice for class and super uses with a couple variants having more than one use depending on need, like choosing between going captain America on fools or laying down a ward of dawn for one of the Defender class’.

Titans get 8 roaming choices, 1 instant AoE, and 1 (2 is arguable with sunspot use) Utility styles in their arsenal.

Warlocks get 5 roaming mobile styles, 3 instants (1 beam and 2 explosive AoE’s), and one very defined utility with the rift.

Hunters... 4 roaming styles, 3 instant (1 being AoE, and two instant focused damage with one of those being split up for some more targets), and 2 utilities with one that can hit multiple targets for a quasi AoE/Roam.

From all this that I can recall off the top of my head, I’d say that hunters are definitely “right tool for the job” types that could arguably suffer from some limitations on enemy variety without a good support team behind them or having to wait to switch styles and go through the cool downs. Titans tend to have play styles that while defined, seemingly applies to more variety of enemies in their arsenal, making them much more flexible and makes the skill required a bit less than the others I feel. Warlocks tend to be a somewhat an “in between” and tend to benefit most from having a fireteam that can cover some of their faults when they swing in favor of one style over another, but I’ve felt I could do more with a Warlock than the other two even without a varied fireteam (but then again I have to account for my bias here).

While this isn’t an answer in hindsight, I hope this lays out my opinion a bit and can maybe help channel the conversation in a positive way. I just think it boils down to who is which kind of player, the jack of all trades through specialist, you are and how you affect the team.

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