The best decision he ever made

Respectfully, yes. I grew up on a farm and we had 6-8 cats at any given time. They each had personality and charm, but we kept them because they were useful. A cow has a job, a chicken has a job, a dog has a job, and so does a cat - to keep down the rodent population in the barn.

I liked the cats very much. I fed them every night and played with them. We would be fascinated every time there was a new nest of kittens in the hayloft.

Getting a new cat is pretty easy and the local vet would give them basic vaccinations for maybe $30. My family was poor. We had a farm to run and a lot of mouths to feed. I'm sure you love your cat very much, but spending $1800 on a disabled cat seems crazy to me. It's an absurd amount of money.

If it was worth it to OP, he's welcome to spend his money how he wants, but I wanted to give an honest answer to your question - I cannot imagine spending $1800 on a disabled cat.

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