Best Friends Play Star Wars: KOTOR (Part 42)

This post is for anime watchers that may be looking into reading the LN where the anime left off.

I’ll be giving brief descriptions of all released volumes, so as to avoid the situation many had last season with all of a sudden Lizardmen. These descriptions will be as vague of spoilers I can make while also making sure no one is caught off guard.

Example of spoilers I will be using, as if I was describing Volume 4 (Lizardmen): This volume mostly follows a group of people outside of Nazarick. It describes some of their history, and motivations while following their perspective. Their exact relevance to Nazarick is not immediately apparent, and even after Nazarick becomes involved the exact reason why is still somewhat unclear.

First off something about Ainz that I feel needs to be said:

Volume 7:

Volume 8:

Volume 9:

Volumes 10-12:

The volumes in story chronological order: In case anyone wants to read them this way.

One last thing about the volumes:

A lot of spoiler tags. Mostly vague spoilers, but they are best tagged just in case.

Also get used to the phrase:

If anyone wants more detailed information, feel free to ask. Also, r / overlord’s newcomers guide to the LN’s /(relatively spoiler free/)

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