They have the best lawyers. Tremendous.

Your post reads like someone who has little to no life experience. For your sake I hope it's because you have little to no life experience, and not just an inability to empathize.

As a snowflake liberal, your post reads like a triggered Political Correctness rant where you tut-tut-tut at someone for having the balls to call a spade a spade, and then you inject a disgustingly irrational equality mix into things.

most people are smart enough to complete a 4 year program.

Maybe a B.A., but fucking get real if you think most people are smart enough to get a B.S. at a four year university, (unless the school quality is BS...).

What's wrong with working a minimum wage job? We need people in those jobs. It's not surprising that people who have those jobs feel the need to defend themselves, as you have shown, many people think those jobs are the domain of "redneck hicks". As someone who clearly identifies as "smart", you should really know better.

Nothing is wrong with it, but you've played this entire "I'm offended" nonsense on their behalf as a cheap trick to avoid the point.

The point: (Nearly all) Minimum wage jobs are low-skill and require no real power of intelligence to complete.

People who work them are rarely intelligent, unless they like a M.S. or PhD and are displaced in the economy, and we consider that to be an anomaly that should be corrected. After a bad recession you might see someone who pulled down a huge salary working minimum. But you'd expect them to rise back out of it.

Listen as someone who lives here in the south, these redneck fucking programmed cult Trump worshipping hicks are 100% real.

Stop pretending they aren't real. Stop pretending they aren't in force. Stop pretending they ain't dumb as a bag of rocks. Stop pretending they do not despise education and dislike anyone who attains it or even seeks to attain it.

I hate this bullshit PC crap that gets pulled, normalizing and OKing this virulent anti-intellectualism streak devouring the "redneck hicks" the rural conservative right.

We have to be able to perceive it. I suggest you come visit some time if you've truly never met them.

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