Best Methods for Interplanetary Travel?

Interplanetary Teleport (a spell) and Star Walker (mythic archmage ability) are the that come to my mind immediately.

Plane shifting should also work, but personally that feels super weird since all planets & solar systems are on one plane and just 2 plane shift can move you anywhere? Permanent gates fall of course under the same rule, but feel more fine to me.

Now: If you want to go off the hook and into full space fantasy there's only one thing that I can recommend: Spelljammer.

It's an old (2nd edition mostly) campaign setting for DnD that features exactly that. You have various planets in a solar system (and other systems... but that gets a bit more complicated about the whole DnD world model and how things like gods work etc...).

Various races have different ship designs like (examples only) elves, humans, dwarves. As you can see from some of the pics they have full stats and you can - if you want - do space combat.

Ships are powered by "Spelljammer Helms" that are powered by high level magic (either arcane or divine - in rare cases psionic cough Mind flayers / Illithids cough).

Conversions to higher DnD editions exist, like for 3e (which is close enough to Pathfinder that you can - if you want - work with).

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