Best Nootropics and Supplements to max out the mental and physical development of the functions that are at their peak/highest amount when you are 18 years old (Male) ?

Supplements are just that, supplements. You will see much greater results from simple life habits that are easy to describe but difficult for many to maintain in the long run (literally the rest of your life).

Find the best academic resources and leaders in your area, listen to their advice, and study regularly with an actual desire to understand, not ace the test. Aim to go to the best school your life circumstances can afford. Exercise regularly and constantly challenge yourself in difficultly across different modalities such as strength/cardio/mobility/skill. Eat a nutritious diet with plenty of vegetables, quality protein, complex starches and healthy fats. Get 8 hours of quality sleep.

The rest is all bullshit, fine polish on what should be a strong foundation.

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