The best part of Prison of Elders? It really makes me appreciate how good the raids are.

As an avid PvE player, I was never excited or hyped for HoW and PoE. Day 1 HoW, beat PoE 35 in 1 hour 30 mins. (Didn't burn with GHorn either, actually did the fight mechanic, wiped once on Skolas).

Basically put, I got very bored with PoE very fast. It wasn't really "mind stimulating" and didn't have enough "mechanics" for me. I was not looking forward to a Horde Mode in Destiny, but everyone in the Community BEGGED for one. Now look, NO ONE PLAYS IT AS MUCH anymore.

Once you got enough Etheric Light to level up and level up weapons you wanted, it was pretty much forgotten about. Trials of Osiris, you could net 9 Etheric Light across the board with 3 characters. PoE's only 6.

It's clearly evident that HoW was more-so for the PvP crowd. The weapons and gear from Trials are FAR FAR superior than PoE gear/weapons.

Why anyone wastes time buying the PoE gear and leveling it up is mind blowing. I've never to this day, have worn a piece of PoE gear inside PoE. The only good weapon to come out of PoE was Her Benevolence. It's a very nice sniper if you don't have: The Supremacy, LDR 5001 or Longbow.

Moving forward in Destiny, we need much more PvE content and we need that content to last and not get "bored" with it after a few weeks. Not everyone wants to play PvP, some people actually enjoy running around, shooting a bunch of guys, shooting a bunch of guys and taking their stuff and blowing shit up. It's fucking glorious sometimes.

In closing, I feel Bungie may have set the bar too high bringing Vault of Glass right out of the gate. Now, with every release of new content, people will always compare it to Vanilla. I'm not getting too hyped about Taken King though like most.

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