Best pokemon game from the last 3 gen (5G, 6G, 7G) ?

Well, here goes...

1- Pokémon Sun/Moon: A new take on the basic Pokémon formula *Positive -A refreshing new formula for Pokémon -Improved 3D graphics in a beautiful, to-scale world -Poké Ride replacing HMs -Balanced difficulty -New concepts with Ultra Beasts -Even with few new Pokémon, they all have some kind of own niche -Return of familiar characters -Charming trials, their captains and kahunas, which get more personal than any other game -Alolan forms and Z-Moves helped refresh older Pokémon -The story and character development are decent
*Negative -Opinions might change since the game is still very fresh -No National Dex (ok, I’m really mad about this one) -Battle Tree is worse than the Maison -FPS gets really wacky on old 3DS -Puzzles get sacrificed by the lack of HMs -A lot of unskippable hand-holding and text in general (I don’t mind it much, but let’s keep this) -Customization options were shallow/hard to obtain (agh, Festival Plaza) -Not much of a post-game

2- Pokémon Black 2/White 2: Very good expansion on the already good original *Positive -A third version that actually changed things -Very solid post-game, notably with the PWT (this must come back) -Cool extras in Join Avenue and the Pokéstar Studio -Keeps many elements that made the previous version good -Expanded Pokémon diversity -Decent difficulty *Negative -Weird pacing for the main storyline until later on -Story expands on, but isn't better than the previous -Better use of triple and rotation battles -Better played after the original (maybe not a con?)

3- Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire: Good game, lacking remake *Positive -I believe the best Mega Evolutions came with this game -Beautifully re-designed characters (best remake in this regard) -Expanded story and world, with ‘okay’ post-game -Cool and fun Secret Base system -Soar system was actually great with the Mirage Islands and Legendaries *Negative -Lack of Emerald features, such as the Battle Frontier -Too much water and many caves (I’ll include this, but I actually find it fun to explore) -Suffers from being XY’s children -Even being XY's children, customization was dropped

4- Pokémon Black/White *Positive -Independent Dex, with many new Pokémon -Good storyline with decent character development -Novel experience thanks to no returning Pokémon -Dream World abilities and unlimited TMs for more moveset diversity *Negative -Doesn't make good use of the new battle types -Some Pokémon are considered unimaginative and concepts are reused -Not much of a post-game -Seasons are cool, but can prevent you from accessing content

5- Pokémon X/Y: Good potential, poor execution *Positive -Beautiful overworld and detail level -Introduction of Mega Evolutions (not a big fan, but I’ll say it’s positive) -Balancing with Fairy-type and stat changes -Customization for the player character *Negative -Most Pokémon seem to have lost their personality and color in 3D -Very few new Pokémon -FPS issues in some battles -Laughable difficulty even without the EXP. Share -Weak storyline and character development -Minimum post-game, if any at all -Needed expansions in many areas

I could probably add more to the lists, but I believe that's enough. On a sidenote, my love for SuMo probably derived from the way I played it. Instead of trying to blaze through the content, I took my time and invested into multiple Pokémon. I also tend to like more story driven games, so maybe that's why.

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