Best private ambulances in Chicago area?

Was strongly considering Elite or Advanced, they run out of NCH a lot and I fucking love their EMS system. My supervision also said he can get me a job with Lifeline so there a strong contender.

I don't even know were to begin with how horrible my Superior experience was. I got fired over some attendance policy BS, and while yes I was aware of the policy and did technically violate it I was never more than 5 minutes late and ALWAYS had my rig up in service on time. BUt they didn't care. My station manager actually apologized for firing me and called pretty much everyone in corporate trying to save my job but when I called HR to appeal the conversation lasted 30 seconds. I was cut off in the middle of explaining myself and was told "Policy is policy, you can re apply in a year". And during orientation they kept going on and on about how they believe in just culture and how "We're not the kind of company who will fire you over silly things just to maintain our reputation" Obviously not the case for me. I know people who have gotten away with ridiculous shit, like blowing a red light t-boning an SVU and totaling a bran new rig and all they got was a driving suspension. But me? A few minutes late a handful of time? Go fuck yourself!

Everything there was just ran so terribly. The ambulances were all in terrible condition, and they tried to save money by cutting corners on maintenance. Pretty much if the ambulance could still move the shop wouldn't even touch it. The dispatchers were rude and unprofessional, I've been cussed out over the radio for taking to long on a call more than once, and they don't know how to properly dispatch to handle their call volume. Back to back calls that you're already lan hour late for when your dispatched, all day, hold overs where basically a guarantee. And there was no quality control in there hiring. I worked with so many people who should have even passed their first test in EMT school. Once had a guy ask me to do patient care for him on a nursing home 991 we ran because "blood makes me nauseous.

I should probably stop bad mouthing my former employer online...

Anyways I know most privates are all the same experience but as I just pointed out I've had a train wreck experience with Superior so I was hoping to avoid applying for companies that are known to be shitty

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