Best sexual experience with a stranger? Someone whose name you never learned

I met a woman at a live music bar about 6years ago. We went to the bathroom (unisex toilets) to, uhm, to "get buzzed".

We're in the cubicle shifting and getting "buzzed" and she notices I have a tongue stud and straight out says "do you give head?" I jokingly replied "atleast buy me a drink first." She gets up on the cistern (this is when I realised she'd no knickers on) and puts little blots of coke going up her thigh to her fanny and smirks and says "what about that instead."

I snorted the coke and ate her out for about 2minutes before people outside were getting pissed waiting to use the cubicle and we had to stop. She said she was going the bar and I never saw her again.

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