Best Slice of Pizza

Some locations are better than the others. They franchised the name years ago, and the original brothers who are still alive, to the best of my knowledge, still operate the original Beltway Plaza (Greenbelt) and nearby Kenilworth Avenue locations. Most of the franchises I've visited over the past 30+ years have certainly been acceptable, but never great or exceptional. The one exception to that, at least up to 6-10 years ago, was the Lansdowne location just south of the Baltimore City border, when my grandmother spent her last decade living nearby. Service there was welcoming, friendy, and efficient; the food was as good as at Kenilworth Ave (when it first opened, it was their top-tier place with dining room table service as well as a separate grocery/supply store just beyond the deli counter. IIRC, the manager in Lansdowne told me the owner/operator of that place was a child or neice/nephew of the original three brothers who started the business. I started eating at the original Greenbelt spot in the 80s.

And a note for OP: If you're ever in Bethesda, get some slices from Vace, they are one of my favorites. | 4705 Miller Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814 | Google Maps:

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