Best/worst makeup brushes you’ve tried?

I like collecting Japanese makeup brushes and my favorite would be Sonia G brushes. They are so beautiful and her shapes are so innovative. They are insanely expensive though and these are a luxury. I think good makeup brushes really help me with my makeup application. Runner up would be my Volare cosmetics brushes. I feel like their OEM is Hakuhodo, but I personally like their brushes in general more than Hakuhodo’s due to their shapes and handles. They’re also almost the same price as Hakuhodo (they sometimes have sales ranging from 10-25% off!). Their best brush imo is the E05, their version of the Mac 217. It is a lot closer in shape to the 217 than Hakuhodo’s and Wayne Goss’ version.

Real Techniques brushes will always have a special place in my heart. They were my first brushes and I still like them!

I also love Luxie’s ProTools line (they’re on sale for $10 each!). It is not worth its regular price, but 100% worth the $10 because they’re brushes are some of the best synthetics I’ve used. I like them more than my IT Cosmetics brushes.

I got some JH Morphe brushes when they were 60% off and I think for what I paid, they were still worth it, even though they’re pretty scratchy and I need to put them in brush guards after washing them cause they fray like crazy. I don’t regret buying them because I use them for pressed pigments that usually strain my brushes. I would never pay full price for these though.

I also have the black e.l.f brushes and I wasn’t a fan because they were equally scratchy to the Morphe brushes, but the Morphe brushes had a nicer cut, while the e.l.f ones looked like they were cut so poorly (no uniformity).

I also have Zoeva brushes and I wasn’t a fan of the goat/synthetic blend, but their pure synthetics were fine. My 227 was cut really poorly, especially when I compare them to online pictures and they were scratchy too! Like equally scratchy to the Morphe ones. I liked some goat/synthetic blend brushes on AliExpress a lot better than these. I regret these and not the Morphe ones because I paid like double for these. Also, the Zoeva 227 is $12 and the Volare E05 is $16, but the Volare is heaps better.

I also have the Lancome 25 brush. This is the worst brush purchase I made. It was insanely scratchy (scratchier then the Morphe brushes!) and $42! I love the shape of it and admittedly it has become softer over time, but 100% not worth the money. At least I got a Lancome GWP with this that had a lipstick, the eye makeup remover, eyeshadow, mascara, some skincare samples and a cute bag lol

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