Best and worst sets?

Went W1


Arcade Fire- a magical set and closing with Wake Up helped make up for all the times I wished I could have been there in 2011.

Fred Again- don't know what I can add that hasn't already been said. Amazing feels.

Caribou- made the gut wrenching decision to leave after two Danny Elfman songs to catch this and it totally delivered. Never seen him before and the live elements really did it for me and the production was top notch in the Mojave.

Stromae- would have probably been higher but it seems we got toned down production due to the wind. It was still fantastic, man is an incredible performer.

Meute- probably the biggest early day crowd I've ever seen in the Gobi or Mojave and it was a fantastic, energetic way to start the weekend.

HM: Jean Dawson, Arlo Parks, and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.


The Chats- played everything at 2X album speed. As a potential new fan who had just gotten into the songs, this was a huge bummer. Huge energy and good performance but I think you do potential new fans a dis-service by totally changing the songs before the album version has ever gotten a chance to really be played.

Nilufer Yanya- big fan of her but starting 10 minutes late due to technical issues and playing a very mellow, borderline sleepy set missing some of her more popular songs (maybe due to the delay) really put a damper on things. I was ready for a nap after this one.

Jamie XX- I only put him here because when I realized the dancers on screen were plants, it really took away from the show for me and I had a hard time not thinking about it the rest of the set.

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