Best and Worst things about the switch

Best thing is that new games will come out for it, and I can take it with me if I want to. Worst thing is that I already bought BOTW for my Wii U and I felt obligated to buy a game with the system so I bought 1-2 Switch and it forces you to take the Joycon straps off for certain games and it really isn't worth $50 at all and should have been included with the system as a tech demo. Also, the joycon straps can apparently be connected the "wrong way" and you need a mechanical implement to remove them. Yes, I did that. So did many others. I wasn't expecting it to slide in and lock the "wrong way" so I didn't pay attention. My eyesight isn't that great so I immediately made the system unplayable by attaching the Joycon straps incorrectly. Solution: butter knife to release the little metal prongs that hold the thing in no matter what way you put it on. I work for a terrible company, but even we would have tried to put that thing on the wrong way to see what happened. What happens is that it locks in place and requires brute force or some amount of finesse to release and try again. Even old USB ports will only allow you to insert something one way, and for a reason. People are idiots, me included.

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