I know this is an appreciation post, so it's to talk about all the good things (which Fubuki is indeed a very supportive senpai, the most supportive I'd say), but I'm kind of sad at how little support she seems to be getting despite everything she's done.

She usually gets very little donations on her streams, and depending on the game, very little view count as well. The few times she does get a lot happens to be when she is the supportive senpai like with the Baba RTA and the musedash stream between the EN members.

I mean, during the latest Bakatare Craftopia collab, (if I'm remembering correctly) Flare arguably got more donations before the start of the stream than Fubuki got for that stream (which the amount is saying much given it was like a yellow SC and a few greens).

And the recent collab with Oga (the crab battle), I don't remember the view count ever breaking 5k live views (and of course the donations were very little there too). Lastly, the latest Twister Wonderland gacha stream also never broke 4k live viewers.

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