Betrayed by his own, ChandrashekharAzad attained martyrdom this day in 1931 in prayagraj. The guy who was involved in his martyrdom was YASHPAL,he got election ticket from congress and became MP back to back. Later he also got PADMABHUSHAN.{The azad is in picture, assassinated by fellow countrymen}

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Nehru also mentioned that the "basic challenge in Southeast Asia is between India and China. That challenge runs across the spine of Asia" (The Fractured Himalaya: India, Tibet, China 1949-62 by Nirupama Rao).

Only time will tell if an unwavering faith in the cause of non-violence and the well-being of all is "myopic".

I can give you another example of misunderstanding ideas and words that I saw recently. Many people were sharing how Pt. Nehru apparently linked Shaheed Chandra Shekhar Azad with terrorism. The peculiar thing is that people making such claims have apparently missed the fact that the meaning and nature of terrorism has evolved over the years.

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