Betsy DeVos caught skipping work for long weekends, half days

  1. ABC news apologized & took action for an isolated but inexcusable incident, unlike Trump who regularly shares propaganda & fairy tales & Fox News who deliberately mislead weak minded people like you & have never apologized for their delusional & harmful views.

  2. The fact that Mueller fired someone for Anti-Trump text's only shows how unbiased & dedicated to finding the truth he is, it would be scandalous if he took no action.

  3. Make no mistake, Micheal Flynn has turned witness on your supreme leader. He is going to be a catalyst to bring treasonous Trump down. You people lost your shit when there was even a hint of doubt about Hillary's conduct, but when 4 Trump campaign officials are literally indicted you manage to justify it & weep about fake news.

So in conclusion, you are simply a hateful & unintelligent individual who can only follow & never lead. Fake news is sharing propaganda videos demonizing 1.2 billion human beings, many of who are patriotic citizens, by a President who is supposed to lead all Americans.

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