Better farming site - High Wizards

Hi. I'm also a HW player, currently at lvl 94/57 but with shit 1.5k matk (I messed up a lot). Anyway, currently I have maxed MS and soon fire pillar. MS required a lot of -CT. Before I got the max MS with no CT, I used to farm on different places. 1. Orcs - you wanna find a spot with 2 orc archers or orc archer and orc warrior. I wouldn't suggest using lvl 10 FB because higher skill lvl = longer cast and delay (correct me if I'm wrong) but if you can, that would be better. I stayed here until I got MS lvl 4 eventho my matk sucks lol. 2. Bongun in 1F Payon - there is a spot on the map with a single stone pillar, fences around it and only bonguns are there. It's a good spot if you can one hit it with FB. Currently, my farming spots are *Stings with MS *Anolian with LOV (breakthrough to lvl 20 now) *zipper bear if those above are full tho I get less than what I could get from sting *Orc village south - you wanna head south on the map, find a spot with 4 mobs coming at you. What I would do here is that I would stand on top of orc archer spawning spot and there would be two high orcs and orc warrior close to it. LOV all the way (note that I have lvl 20 LOV but with low matk, the whole LOV ticks would kill orc warrior and archer while high orcs only need 2 ticks). For other source of zeny, I would suggest you to look for specific drop from rift, my fav is the underwater cave. If youre lucky, you could get STR ring there. To summarize this *orc village - FB on orc archers/warriors - roughly could get you 250k-300k *orc village south - LOV on 4 monsters - 300k+ *payon 1F - bongun for mercury - its a slow farm, I tried, I could only get about 80-100 mercury a day but its better than nothing :D

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