Better hope his house doesn't catch on fire!

You aren’t making any sense, I never attacked hospitals. I said there were things they had to do to recoup costs and that healthcare is currently for-profit whether the hospital is or not. Those people aren’t all volunteering and that equipment isn’t all donated, they need to pay people and they do it with bills. This is not an attack, it is a description of simply how the system MUST work as of right now.

I don’t WANT to have a conversation with you since even after all that “explanation” I still don’t have any idea if you believe that private insurance is necessary. I’m just too tired today and too emotionally exhausted to sit here and have a silly argument with someone. If you think I’m a dumbass, whatever dude, idk since neither one of us has any real power to change it besides protests and voting. I can’t NOT have healthcare since I’m a type 1 diabetic but I can also see exactly where the problems lie and it all comes down to private insurance. If you still think they’re a common good and all that, I couldn’t care less and I’m not going to sit here and argue with you further, it’s completely unnecessary and I’m out. If you call me another name I’ll just block you and be free of you forever so it REALISTICALLY doesn’t matter, my dude.

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