In between PW/Jogger

Hi! This is what worked for me!

I started running just the all outs, and then the pushes, and then the base. It mean that even if I didn’t run the whole block I would run little but sand pieces until I could finally hold a base of a jog!

I started as a powerwalker and began to do all outs at 6-7. Then as the all outs got easier I started running pushes as 5.5-6, and gradually started to do base at 5 when the pushes felt easy. Now my base is 6 (coach wants me to bump it to 7), push is 7 (coach wants me to bump it to 8), and all out is 10-12!!

It’s all about consistency and patience. It’s gonna be hard at first but all things good in the world tend to be! You got this!!

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