Beware Putin’s Special War in 2015

You think that arming in response to a country who conciders you an enemy, arms itself to the teeth is not smart? I understand the sentiment of peace and flower-power but it does not work.

I'm not a 'peace and flower-power' man myself. Quite the contrary. And I think you'll find I suggested just that.

The point is this: geopolitical positioning is about gaining the largest advantage, in terms of defense, while giving up the least politically. We don't need more troops on the border. I'm sorry Russia has caused you concern -- I really am. I wish my country would ship off it's spares to you. Believe me. But the reality is right now that it isn't needed in relation to Russia. Do you know how many troops, land-based platforms, fighters, and strategic air-lift services the U.S. keeps in Europe -- 60-70k+. Compounded by EU forces -- which alone could defeat Russia. Compounded still by Carrier Strike-Groups.

Been living my whole life next to Russia - it is not that fun when you are concidered enemy CONSTANTLY. "Gay-fashist and USA lap-dog Estonia"

I can't begin to imagine the stress that must cause. But I have lived overseas, for a good period of my life. My father is a retired USN senior officer and commanded the USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72). I'm no stranger to war and the effects it can bring home. I've had family members die, friends who are never the same, families fall a part.

But in this situation I'm telling you: building up troops on the border provides EU/NATO with little to no extra strategic defense. While comparatively risks escalating tensions. At the moment, at least. The author only got to that point after a long trail of fraudulent assumptions, and without consideration of the benefits/costs.

Now if tensions escalate, then we should re-evaluate these considerations. I know that can sound blase, or flippant. But I long ago learned something I'll share, for what it's worth. It's something a family member, who is no longer with us, told me: don't strive to have something to live for, life itself is enough; rather have something worth dying for. Something you believe in, and are willing to defend.

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