Beyoncé is overrated/overhyped.

I liked her in Austin Powers, but pretty much everything else she has ever done really rubs me the wrong way. It's just extremely vapid and boring stuff. I'm not really a fan of pop music though, and I can't really relate to what people find so compelling about her music and persona. I don't normally enjoy music where the focus is on the vocals, either, so there is that. She's always seemed really overproduced and...a little bit "square" to me.

Among black female pop singers at her level of fame, I can't think of anyone that is less interesting than Beyonce. She is hailed as a pathbreaker, that really true? Alicia Keys, Lauryn Hill, Aaliyah, Etta James, Aretha Franklin, Mariah Carey, Billie Holiday, heck even Nicki Minaj...the list goes on and on. All of these women were a heck of a lot cooler than Beyonce, and/or were far better vocalists, and I would argue, made songs that are far more catchy and enjoyable to listen to. I'm not really into vocalists, but when I do listen to songs centered on vocals, for me, its not only the quality of the voice, but the personality that tends to come through a bit more. I guess I don't really like her voice, her personality or especially, her values.

For example, the hype around the "Put a Ring on It" song a decade and change ago - remember that? Just...ugh. It was so degrading. How could a self-proclaimed feminist grovel and beg a man like that? Especially when she was objectively better-looking and independently wealthy. It was just totally lacking in self-respect. I felt like it set a really bad example for young girls to see a woman held high for behaving like that, and felt like she may have been so highly acclaimed for that song BECAUSE she debased herself and making herself almost unattractive in a way, kind of like Charlize Theron won the Oscar that year for wearing prosthetics in order look "ugly enough" to play a serial killer. Now, I get that Beyonce didn't actually write the song or anything, but even judging her as a packaged product of a pop star, there is nothing appealing about marketing that message to young women.

All of her other videos and songs never made much of an impression - they seem vapid, arrogant, boring and are totally forgettable. I suspect she was, and is still, beloved by so many is because she is vapid and boring, just like most people these days. But that's just my cynical take, lol.


Hey, I was gonna post this tome of a comment and thought I would scroll down to see the comments first. That's awesome. Hahaha. I'm so glad Beyonce is considered lame now, at least on Reddit.

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