Beyond parody

This guy's never been to a concert. This is somewhat the problem society has with Conservative types. They're unexposed to the world and form speculative opinions about the horrible world we live in. Naturally, their opinions get met with learned, world-experienced guffaws, which embarrasses them and they react to that by further entrenching themselves in their safe little world.

Ben. He glimpses a couple people grooving to some tune made in the new millennium, and he hates how much fun they're having. Fun he doesn't know.

So, he sits in front of his little bookshelf and puts on Mozart. He probably doesn't even like Mozart either, but it's all he knows. He also knows he wouldn't have the stones to go to a Mozart concert either, if he were in ye olden times physically, not just mentally.

In short. Fuck him. Jerk him out of his library and force him to groove.

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