[BF1] Does everyone really think the Multiplayer compares to BF4?

I agree with you. There's a few reasons why I'm struggling to play much Bf1. The grenade spam is insane. The amount of gas at any given time is far too much. The guns don't feel very satisfying, yes the assault weapons can shred and you don't need to ads in close quarters. The hip fire is really good. But in b4 you could learn to burst fire weapons correctly and even tap firing smgs at range could kill someone after 6 to 10 shots. It's frustrating to ads, have good aim yet watch the bullets fly around your target. I understand the guns have their roles and they wanted them to be useless outside those roles. But for me it makes gunplay really unsatisfying. Bolt actions - I don't think any fps should have one hit kill bolt action weapons outside of 5 to 10 meters or a headshot. The sweet spot mechanic is terrible. Headshots should be rewarded. Not being a certain distance from a target. Compared to bf4 they have improved bullet velocities and all other weapons don't compare to their bf4 class equivalent. They don't need one hit body shot kills as well. And I have played 80 to 90% as a scout in bf1 so far, it's not a "mad cuz killed by sniper" response. It's not satisfying to hit someone for 100 in the body. I want headshots.

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