BF3 2017 Dogfight Ladder - Plane Feedback Thread

"Your mechanics would make pub matches nothing but a constant dogfight, especially the radar always on change."

Pubs in BF3 and BF4 are rarely constant dogfights, even with two experienced pilots on opposing teams. The biggest issue with this topic when it comes up in forums is that the loudest voices usually have the least experience or knowledge of flying in Battlefield.

"always being able to see other planes on the radar along with some of your speed changes will result in long drawn out dogfights that start as soon as an enemy spawns in a fighter and pulls up his minimap to find your plane."

Again, refer to BF3 and BF4. Your side to this argument is an opinion, whereas the effects of speed control and radar in Battlefield air vehicles has years of historical data to prove that your opinion is wrong.

"The series isn't dying, its changing and some of the older players wanting old mechanics are getting left behind"

Older players have seen many changes to the jet physics in Battlefield. We aren't getting left behind, we're choosing not to adopt a new game that completely deviates from the things that make us love the past ones. Like you said, we're not going to play a game we don't enjoy. The irony is that I loved the physics that were in BF4 several years ago when I first started playing, just like you feel the ones on BF1 are great. Every single change they have made since I started has been illogical or just bad, at was done because of the opinions of non-jet players or inexperienced ones who were salty because they were unwilling to learn the skills involved in being better.

Lastly, you have made no contribution here other than being combative and negative, so I hope you weren't just being dramatic when you said that was your last post. The thread will be a better place without you.

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