[BFV] The box for one of these says "This is clearly a WW2 game", the other one could be anything at all, modern, Steampunk, sci-fi, whatever. Is the box art harming sales of BFV?

Is it though

Yep, it absolutely is,

Trying to debate subjective opinion is just silly. It's a subjective opinion, everyone has one.

But in terms of 'skill' I highly disagree with that. Removing suppression, spotting, zeroing for snipers, bullet deviation etc has just made this a COD style hitscan twitch shooter with a low TTK

To each their own by all means, but for me, that's liquid shit levels of casualization to track and attract the COD market.

All it's done is royally piss off the loyal fanbase and of that, there is no subjective view - BF5 has tanked hard core on sales compared even to BF1.

Says it all if you're looking for a factual point to bring into the discussion.

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