[BFV] New Killcam is nauseating

You have a moderately better overall SPM/KPM, congrats.

Moderate? LOL. My SPM is 70% better and my KPM is 76% better.

I am still better at killing other players than you.

As my 76% better KMP shows, no you aren't. What you are better than me at, seemingly, is not dying, which you accomplish by playing like the scared, passive, KDR obsessed player you are.

I have destroyed significantly more enemy vehicles

Congrats? You also have nearly twice the time playing assault as I do, and over twice the time as tanker. Your sped-level math keeps showing bud ;)

crutching on the ke7 all day

LOL I literally just decided to gild that gun first since I knew it was gonna be nerfed, haven't used it since the first patch dropped. Go ahead and look through my game reports if you don't believe me.

I heal more, I resupply more

Once again, you have DOUBLE the playtime as me. Are you really this dense? In fact, if we break it down by hour I heal, revive, and resupply MORE than you you LMAO.

you play with a regular group.

???? I play solo and with literally one other friend whenever he is on. Nice try pulling stuff out of your ass though.

In short, I'm better than you at the game, I help my team more, and I'm not riding the coat tails of other players for my victories like you are.

HAHAHAHA well let's just say I don't have to say anything else about that ;)

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