Bi Awakening Megathread

Still Not sure to be honest always just thought I was straight until now, 19.

But anyway, Was watching some compilation on YouTube, see this girl and I'm thinking wow she's really good looking. Turns out its a guy crossdressing.

So I can't seem to stop thinking about it and end up looking at pictures, videos of guys dressed like girls turns out I'm really into that for some reason.

Now I've got this strange feeling. I want to wear skirts, thigh high socks make-up and whatnot I've never been comfortable wearing anything but tracksuits even if it was roasting out.

I've been telling myself there's no way I'm not straight. I still find girls attractive, have and still do get crushes and I'm pretty sure I'm not attracted to guys. But for whatever reason if its a feminine guy in girls clothes I just feel attracted to that. Its driving me nuts. If I'm only attracted to them if they're feminine crossdresser does that mean I'm still straight or am I actually Bi.

Used to joke about gay people, thought it was weird. Now here I am thinking of crossdressing and being with another guy. Its kind of overwhelming and bit of a shock.

So this is me coming out I guess on the internet, haven't told anyone else, haven't got anyone to tell, not sure I would if I did, because maybe its a phase or maybe not. Sorry if this isn't the right place for this. Just saw this subreddit and then this post and felt like typing.

/r/bisexual Thread