Bi Weekly Hero Forge Week (13)

Abilities: Finger Fire (Primary Weapon) – Limbo uses his loose joints to his advantage and fires off his fingers one by one, with fifteen shots in his “clip”. The fingers are projectiles that travel similarly to Zenyatta’s Orbs of Destruction. Each does about 60 damage (100 headshot) and can be fired once every 0.5 seconds. 1 second reload as Limbo regrows/replaces his fingers. Finger Fan (Alternate Fire) – An entire hand of fingers in sent out in a fan shape, similarly to Genji’s alternate fire but with five projectiles. Each finger deals 40 damage on impact and 80 for a headshot. The projectiles spread out quite quickly, making this move most effective in short range combat so as to maximize the likelihood of a finger making contact with an enemy. Can be used three times before reload. Recon Limbs (Ability 1) – Limbo briefly enters a third person camera angle where a 1 second animation shows him popping off his right arm and placing it on the ground. The camera then focuses on and follows the arm, almost identically to a Junkrat Rip-Tire, as the Limbo player controls its movements. The arm will grasp and climb along any surface (including ceilings) that it comes into contact with, traveling at the speed of a normal player. The arm has a 12 second duration and will explode if the entirety of the time expires, dealing about 50 AOE damage to enemies nearby (if canceled early or shot down, it will not explode). While this is an ideal ability to scout out the enemy team, it cannot attack, jump, or contest points. In addition, it renders Limbo’s character AFK and being killed mid-ability will cancel the ability and the Respawn screens will begin. Has a 20 second cooldown, which begins once the ability ends or is canceled. Slimbo (Ability 2) – Limbo drops off all of his armor as well as his arms. This enables him to travel at 160x the normal speed and jump 2x higher. However, all of his in-game armor is removed, leaving him at 150 effective health, and he cannot attack outside of melee. Lasts for up to 6 seconds, can be canceled, and has an 9 second cooldown. Breakdown (Ultimate) – Limbo loses control of himself and begins to spin in circles with his arms outstretched. The longer the ultimate lasts the more damage Limbo’s arms do, ranging from 100 at the start to 300 when the damage caps off at 7 seconds. The ability will damage anybody who comes into contact with his flailing limbs and slows all enemies within a 5m radius. The breakdown will last either until Limbo is killed or after 11 seconds.

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