Bicycle Karen stops a USPS employee from retrieving mail. Supporting friend offers up some all lives matter energy to the responding black police officer

Like the cop asked. How does she make the situation better?

It's not the biker's fault that the mailbox is there

No one said it was

why should it be on them to make things more convenient for a worker who should know he's not allowed to do what he did there?

No one said it was

Why do the bikers have to give up their reasonable expectation of a clear path that was built to keep bikes safe and out of the way of cars?

No one said they should.

it's not the fault of bikers using the lane that he made that choice.

No one said it was. What I am, and many others are, saying is that she is just adding to the problem. Yes the postal worker shouldn't be there but she isn't riding a bike at the time, she is blocking the path (even without the truck, if she did this she would be in other bikes' path but now she is making the truck block the path for longer than)

The postal worker is in the wrong, but so is she.

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