Biden arrives in Europe to keep allies united against Russia as a grinding war in Ukraine takes its toll

Yes, they did, some years before this war. And Ukraine said no because the US and eu asked them to.

Because Ukraine didn't want to.

They cannot just apply, there are many criteria.

Yes, they can. NATO can reject them, but they can apply.

Split Ukraine in half along the Donbas which is where the Russian occupation is going towards anyway. This would not have been necessary three months ago. Let me flip it around - what does a non peaceful resolution to this conflict mean in your head?

And this is why we mostly ignore "anti war" people like you. If Ukraine gives russia half of Ukraine, they will come back in 10 years for the rest.

In my head, russia has to retreat shamefully and the rest of the world laughs at them. Also, putin mysteriously falls from a window.

Then let them fight, that does not mean we need to supply them the means to keep this conflict going longer than it needs.

We are happy to give them weapons to fight, we know it isn't mandatory.

I think you are confusing what is happening in times of war with what could and might have happened had this war not occurred

Hypotheticals about what could have happened if russia wasn't a rapist murderer country aren't helpful. We live in the real world.

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