Biden declares October 11 Indigenous Peoples' Day and says restoring national monuments is the 'easiest thing I've ever done so far as President'

Um .. lol, well yes, true true. That's not really taking the point as intended. Thank you for the opportunity to further clarify though.

This is not to say Biden is the one and he could have done it only, it was easy for him. It's meant systemically. There is nothing to differentiate Biden from his predecessors on this topic, if this was easy for him it would have been easy for others in the same office with the same abilities. Obviously, an exception can be made heads of administrations who are for the trampling of indigenous peoples and their lands, but I think you'll find the list of presidents decades long that would flirt with saying that is limited to one.

Please let me know if that hasn't clarified amd where I can firm up what I've said better for understanding.

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