Biden returns $26M in border wall money to Norfolk Naval Shipyard

someone saying racism and sexism and transphobia are good does not provide value to the political landscape.

I never said they did. You are completely missing everything I'm saying.

why is slowing down change you see as positive an essential function?

Because not everybody in society is ready to change completely over night and not everyone sees the changes you want as positive. For everything society changes there are disruptions to people's lives and the economy. You need to do these things in a careful manner. You have to drag some people along kicking and screaming no matter what, but just coming in a pounding the table and telling people it's your way or the highway is not how you work in a democracy, that's authoritarianism.

again, i need to grow up?

I only say back to people what they say to me first. You told me to grow up without knowing a single thing about me, my background/knowledge, or my opinions. So I assumed you were immature and needed to grow up yourself.

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