Biden revokes presidential permit for Keystone XL pipeline expansion on 1st day do you suggest I pull a trailer to deliver material to my sites while building and remodeling the homes my clients live in?

I cant drive a fucking car and do what I do.

You can take a bus to work your 9-5. Some of us actually create things and need vehicles that allow us to do that.

You have zero experience outside of your meaningless bubble...and it shows.

Now go finish your tea and get ready to punch the clock...counting the minutes until you can escape in your video game to avoid thinking about how you're literally doing nothing to build up or push your community forward.

You are literally taking up space and oxygen doing jack shit to bring anything to the world. You do realize that right?

You're 30 years old and contributing nothing to the world. You've had 12 years since becoming an adult to do something with yourself that could help those around you...and you've instead decided to be a pretentious self serving slug wasting your time as you wait to polute the ground.

As you move on through your day, consider doing something to actually contribute to society instead of your worthless opinion that is derived from zero real adult world experience.

You're young legit could decide to take the hours you waste after you leave your job to better yourself and do something to bring change to the world.

You could be studying to be an engineer to create the tech guys like me need to be able to build for a cleaner world....but instead you dance around in a fairy world in a fucking video game while lecturing those of us actually trying to do something for those around us.

Seriously dude...what worth do you have as a man and what exactly do you bring to the table to be able to lecture the rest of us as to how we should go about our day?

You bring nothing. You do nothing. Your opinion is literally worthless...and you're so escaped in your selfishness that you don't even recognize that.

You epitomize what it is to be a waste of space with an opinion.

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