Biden Says ‘Nothing Will Get Done’ If Senate Abolishes Filibuster

The US government was set up to "balance" rural and urban states. The rural states feared that "one person, one vote" would mean that the more populous urban states would dictate policy.

I know you're describing how things are instead of how things ought to be, but I feel obligated to argue that this is not a good way to balance power if we want to call ourselves a democracy instead of a federation. A malapportioned Senate that we have now is only legitimate if the federal government is so weak that it impacts the average state citizen's life no more than being a member of a trade pact or at least leaving was an option.

That currently isn't the case. The Senate is an antidemocratic relic from before the civil war when the US was more like the EU and states were little countries. The US federal system is a baroque overcomplicated mess that has lofty arguments about checks and balances that are built on assumptions that don't hold in the world we live in.

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