Biden in town hall Oct 15: “I want to stop subsidizing oil. It’s not needed anymore.”

I would just say don't paint with such a broad brush. Bernie's Vermont vacation home you could argue isn't necessary. I don't see myself having vacation home or a cabin on a lake. But a lot of people do have a vacation home. It's a culture in some places. 20 percent of Swedes have a summer home. Similar thing with Russians who live in Moscow.

Sanders doesn't say anything about "people giving back to their community." That's called charity. Sanders talks about policy/structures of economic distribution. It's not the same thing.

If money does bad things to people, then why do people try so hard to stay out of poverty? Poverty does not make you morally pure.

We live in a society where at an individual level we are forced to accumulate financial resources or else we suffer at old age or our children suffer. No one lives outside of that condition. We need to change those structures, not fight over how what individuals do or do not do with their individual resources.

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