Big kitty and baby kitty wanting the same thing :)

With 14 different postings I think it qualifies as a repost.

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PsBattle: Big cat and smaller similar cat reaching for the same thing. 3 23mins photoshopbattles 1
Cat. 621 24dys CatsStandingUp 26
I wanna be like my mommy! 1934 2yrs aww 109
And this is where the human keeps our food 64 1yr aww 2
Mommy am I doing it right? 862 2yrs aww 23
So much cuteness, can not contain. 971 3yrs aww 36
Every time they hear a bag open... 28 2yrs pics 2
Every time they hear a bag open... 1162 3yrs aww 79
Give us foood! 42 2yrs aww 1
so cute 16 2yrs aww 3
Cat. 312 7mos CatsStandingUp 25
"...and this is where they keep the tuna." 655 7mos aww 6
Apples don't fall far 3584 6mos aww 91
Like mother like daughter. 39 2yrs aww 2

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