The big questions: at what point and under what conditions/circumstances will the NSW/VIC border reopen?

Gladys seems almost desperate for the reopening ASAP while Andrews hasn't said anything about it for some time.

Can you tell me how she seems desperate to open up the border? NSW only has a closed border to Vic and although I was against it she will open it up in the next couple of weeks.

Dandrews has other things to worry about.

QLD waiting for election on 31st October so she won't open before that.

WA is just rogue state and no one cares as they don't really border with anyone.

NT is opening up as their election is over.

SA because of border with Vic won't open up yet.

TAS another rogue state who is relying on Fed money. Not sure when their election is. Most decisions seem to be based on elections. When the Fed money dries up though it will be a free for all.

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