The Biggest Fail In YouTube History - H3 Podcast #133

but I would think that given their heritage

Pretty tacky to bring in a holocaust reference to drive your point home against a Jewish couple.

they would understand why it’s important for citizens to not be heavily outgunned by their government / police.

Oh right so is this why the US government is so lovely and moral towards its constituents? Hah. Out of all developed nations you get fucked the hardest by your government but you think your guns are saving you. Please.

You already are outgunned. The US military out guns every other military on Earth but you think because you have a glock in your cabinet you're on an even field. Get outta here.

Unless you can muster up a few hundred tank battalions, fighter plane squadrons, a few dozen fleets of warships and a cheeky few nukes - you're outgunned son. There is absolutely nothing you could do to defend yourself against your government other than taking a few potshots at an infantry soldier.

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