Biker almost gets hit by a motorcyclist

Well, I can only comment from my own experience, but road cycling isn't all that scary and even though people love to say it's dangerous and drivers are incredibly inconsiderate I have very rarely encountered a dangerous driver.

Obviously there is some bias in that you only see/read about the negative events where someone is injured, but what about the thousands of cyclists that get where they want to go without issue every day?

And no, not every single car on the road 'has to slow down and breach into an oncoming lane to go around you', and even if they did have to do that it isn't dangerous to overtake. Cars overtake cars all the time, what's dangerous is people who are inconsiderate and don't think twice about others. Is a very short delay behind a cyclist going to stop you getting where you need to be? Well you should have allowed more time to get there then.

As for people driving/riding at 90MPH on mountain roads... well that's their choice, and it's others' choice if they wish to cycle those PUBLIC roads. Cyclists are "willing" to risk injury, drivers are risking (hopefully) prison. It's the drivers who are endangering others though, so please apply some critical thinking before spouting trash.

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