Bill introduced in NY that would require a license to buy semi-auto rifles

this is the real answer that politicians aren't talking much about. We need WAYYYY more integration into the NICS system. Cops, FBI, schools, etc.. should be able to create a "flag" of sorts and have IBM Watson level AI that takes data from past shooters and compare to flags being raised and then just deny the sale with a very well spelled out process to clear the flags.

That integration should be automated as much as it can be.

I know it's nearing this "social credit" level crazy, but I think as long as it can't be abused while also having a fairly simple process for clearing your flags it could be enough of a speed bump for some of the crazies.

We can do this sort of stuff w/out new laws that will never pass. I keep seeing in the media they say "80% of american's agree with background checks"

THIS SHOOTER WENT THROUGH 2 BACKGROUND CHECKS... if the federal system they have in place fails us that's the thing we ought to be figuring out.

We have background checks they just aren't looking at people's real background.

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