Billionaire is throwing a fit; the peasants aren't being exploited/refuse to die for his garbage company.

Yeah but that’s also coming from a women so is obviously completely biased. The fact she and you said “mansplaining” tells me you are both sexist towards men. Does she complain about men on the subway “man spreading” as well? If I look around and see women acting sexist it’s usually because they’re with a pushover of a man that doesn’t stand up for his gender because he’s afraid to offend the only woman he’s ever had. Desperation has led us here. Maybe us men deserve sexism if we are not man enough to defend ourselves from it. We shouldn’t fall for the trap that everyone else believes, that everything will be done for you, everything will be okay and if anyone is mean you can just sue them or cancel them with social pressure from uninvolved parties. Stop. Be men and just stand up for yourself. Set the record straight that these men were just assholes or ignorant and there are just as many annoying female habits as male. Your wife is a professor raising young minds and she is being sexist. This is not good. Can you tell me what college this is so I can avoid it in the future?

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