Bioware/SquareEnix/CDPRed/Bethesda/RPG story driven PC Games

Yeah I don't want to overhype it, it is still kinda janky and definitely AA so not for everyone. But it is the first game since witcher 3 that had me as immersed and engaged with a story while also having decent gameplay (combat and progression). It didn't make any big headlines even though it is pretty good IMO, and I hope they get to make a sequel so I always recommend it lol. Seems like most people haven't even tried it.

The story is more about the protagonist's transformation and his quest to find who is responsible for it, it is almost a revenge story in a way since he considers it a curse. Some supernatural aspects do appear throughout the story of course, without spoiling too much - it is not just about the disease and London, but it is story that often mentions humanity, morality and similar concepts, both for the protagonist but also NPCs you meet.

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