Bipolar and Infidelity

Thank you for your reply. My intention was not to shame anybody or present myself as holier-than-thou. My intention was to bring up a thing I have noticed among some of the members of my social circle. I did not mean to imply that everybody who is unfaithful is necessarily immoral, but rather to bring up the fact that it is wrong for people to use an illness as an "I can do anything and nobody can judge me" pass. We are just a group of people who happen to have an problem, and in my opinion, with the possible exception of psychosis, it is inherently wrong to be dishonest. I am fortunate enough to have never been cheated on, as far as I know, but I know it would make me feel so much worse than just being dumped. Thanks again and I wish you nothing but happiness.

EDIT: I am aware that I have an overly high opinion of my honesty/fidelity, but it is really the only thing I have left. If I lose that I don't think I could look in the mirror and see something worthwhile. I generally hate myself, but I have that and nobody can take it from me.

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