This bitch putting a live fish in her bong while she smokes it

Eh it's just a goldfish. They're like 5$ tops- great value to add some aesthetic to your bong considering how much comparably artsy bongs sell for.

eh, ok. The fish was purchased for a substantially less amount than the bong, and therefore that is the justification?

Plus bongwater smells but the reality is that it's harmless, and you can't absorbs thc via gills so the fish stays sober. Plus he gets to travel and see some of the world instead of sitting in a stationary bowl his whole life.

People are not upset because the fish was put into water.

Not to mention It looks pretty cool tbh imho. Get over it

heh, ok

I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt that you are not as stupid as you sound and just want to play a bad devil’s advocate.

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