Black American living in China has 3 things he's tired of hearing

I've been called chink, gooky, slanty, all the time and every white person seems to be okay with it.

Where the fuck do you live?

I'm not denying the fact that you've experienced a lot racism, but I've lived in Korea for a decade and know a lot of Koreans who've lived in Canada and Australia for a similar amount of time. The only people who seem to have experienced that level of overt racism are the ones who lived in podunk towns where they were one of the only minorities around. My friends who lived in places like Vancouver, Toronto, New York and Sydney have rarely experienced any racism at all.

You must be a special case for this is hardly the norm. Where I'm from, if someone said one of those things to you and it was overheard, they would lose their job or be suspended/expelled from the school they are in. I know this because I've seen it happen before. We actually have the opposite problem where there is too much political correctness and everyone feels like they're walking on eggshells all of the time.

white culture

You mean western culture? I've never thought of it as being exclusively white. Again, I wonder where you're living.

Ask any Asian or even minority who live in the US, if they experienced racism when they grew up or day to day living.

Try talking to someone from SE Asia living in East Asia versus someone from SE Asia living in North America. The same goes for other non-white minorities with experience living in both regions. Whites have it easier in East Asia, true, but other races experience a lot more racism on this side of the world than they do in North America by quite a large margin. It's a different kind of racism because racism on this side of the world tends to be less in your face and more systemic/built in, but overall it's quite a bit worse.

The difference between racism in East Asia and North America is that there you're more likely to get called names and pointed out, here you're more likely to be denied things like promotions, services (ie: a credit card and loans), certain rights, etc.

We Asians who live in white-majority nations experience these kind of stuff everyday, and it seems to be okay with you guys.

At least in North America racism is an issue that is talked about openly. Political Correctness exists, as flawed as it may be, and people of all races are represented at every level of society even if not proportionally. The level of public discourse on racism in and representation of minorities in Korea and Japan, on the other hand, remind me of what North America was like before I was born back in the 1960s or 1970s. I'm assuming China would be more like the 1930s.

Again, these are homogeneous societies with different cultures so racism exists in a way that is very different than the way it exists in the west. You don't get called names or confronted as often, but you get placed in a "box". In Canada, if you're a minority, you may experience name calling at first (though I suspect it's getting more and more rare) but once you get a job and establish a peer group, you'll find that you're treated as an equal both socially and professionally. In Korea and Japan, conversely, people will be polite initially (people on this side of the world are very non-confrontational) and you won't feel any obvious racism at first, but once you try to move up the ladder at your job or do anything outside of your box, you'll find nothing but locked doors. The world is your oyster there, I can basically pick from a handful of things that foreigners are allowed to do here and if I weren't white I'd probably have even fewer options.

It's a different kind of racism but having lived in Korea for so long and having grown up in Canada, I think minorities in Canada have it a lot easier than minorities on this side of the world overall.

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