Black Boeing employee sues company after finding noose at desk, says 'my work life is degrading'

Im not saying at all boeing is innocent. I was just making a point.

Even if boeing ends up innocent they'd be trashed by the racism implication.

Boeing in all likelyhood is probably guilty. But its innocent until proven guilty, most people on reddit like to play guilty until proven guilty with a lot of things. So i dunno, we will see how much money boeing is willing to chuck at lawyers to quash this before it even gets off the ground.

And if the office was as biased and defensive towards the racism as the article implies then it would make sense to assume the higher ups destroyed evidence a long time ago.

Remember Jussie Smollett? The case was tried in a court of public theater until a court proved Jussie was full of shit.

So to summarize since I got provoked into this. Until we all see actual proof of things then Boeing is innocent. For now this is just hearsay thats parroted by ABCnews.

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