Why is the black community so judgmental towards family members?

This is a class issue, I think. There is some intersectionality with your race, of course… but the gap between you and your family isn’t along the racial lines, but the class line. I’ve experienced the exact same as a white person with my poorer relatives. I don’t have any advice on how to handle it, but it has something to do with how our society values human life. Because you have “more”/ are able to contribute “more”: you deserve “more”. (Love, wealth, respect, opportunity, compassion)

I don’t agree with this; I think human life deserves care and compassion because life is sacred. But society and capitalism has warped what we deem valuable. Everyone, regardless of class, gets the memo. (These standards were probably put in place by elites, but I’m sure someone who understands those issues better than me will correct me if I’m wrong)

And obviously: I will have blindspots to those relative’s class experiences. I can’t relate to a lot of what they’ve been through. I don’t and won’t understand. I can listen and try to help out where I can… and just keep my mouth shut otherwise.

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