Black gun owners plan pro-Second Amendment walk

I can prob outrun the knife person or at least shout for help

Look at all the lives saved by him not having a gun. He was silently murdering people. Him using a gun would've alerted others and saved lives. The problem here isn't the tool he used, it's that he wanted to kill a bunch of people. Someone with a bit of jujitsu skill could do the same thing. Bans don't help people when someone is motivated to kill.

That doesnt prove anything. There are numerous gun mass murders wi much higher kill counts

What sort of gun? Maybe america needs stricter regulations

I don't know. How many people would that save that died in the fires he set?

Wtf sort of strawman is that. You can never reduce killing to zero in society but banning guns helps

Its not a harmless hobby. It can be used to hurt loads of people on a whim.

So can gas and matches. What's your point?

One is more dangerous

Guns have done nothing to prevent the systemic oppression of black people for hundreds of years

That's because most gun legislation that was put in the US was in response to black people buying guns. Makes you wonder doesn't it?

They can still buy guns its one of the most gun liberal countries in the western world

What is exactly wrong with your legislation. Banning dangerous weapons isnt irrational

They weren't being used in murders. That's the problem. That is irrational.

Of course it is. And they have been used to murder

Lol i would like more legislation like the UK dinnae twist your nickers

So gun bans. At least you're being honest now.

I think Canada gun crime stats arent too unreasonable.

Ive always been honest. You the one trying to put knives and guns as equally dangerous. Id feel like a moron even pretending to myself they are equally dangerous

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